Miss Berks County Scholarship Organization

Scholarship, Service, Style, & Success


The Miss Berks County program empowers young women to pursue and achieve their academic, career, and personal goals.


"In 1961 I became the first Miss Berks County. It was a wonderful experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It gave me the opportunity to meet many new people and make lifelong friends. The experiences during my reign included a scholarship to the Philadelphia Dance Academy, which expanded my opportunities as a professional dancer, model, dance teacher, and flight attendant. I am now retired and serve as the Personal Appearance Coordinator and chaperone for the Miss Berks County Scholarship Organization. I recommend participating in the pageant... It gives you those experiences that are invaluable for the rest of your life. Experience is the best teacher." Joann (Troutman) Hyneman, Miss Berks County 1961


"My year as Miss Berks County is my greatest accomplishment and memory, right next to college graduation. Being Miss Berks County gave me an extra boost of strength, courage, and confidence to move across the country right out of college.  I am now pursuing a professional dancing career as I teach 5th grade in Southern California. I will always be Miss Berks County in my heart." Megan (Robinson) Fenderson, Miss Berks County 2004


"In a competitive business like television, being Miss Berks County often gave me an edge. It got my foot in the door and prepared me for job interviews. Being a titleholder has given me more confidence, taught me to ad-lib (a lot), and to be prepared for anything. Now, having ten+ years experience in anchoring, hosting, weather forecasting, reporting, and producing, my on-air versatility is my strongest asset."  Janelle (White) Wolfe, Miss Berks County 1997


Our Former Titleholders

2019 Miss Berks County - Victoria Vespico

2019 Miss Greater Reading - Elaine Ficarra

2019 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Brittney Cheskavich

2018 Miss Berks County - Julia Franckowiak

2018 Miss Greater Reading - Sarah Jayne Hughes

2018 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Isabella Snyder

2017 Miss Berks County - Riley Marx

2017 Miss Greater Reading - Abagail Bachman

2017 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Alandra Garvin

2016 Miss Berks County - Victoria Deluhery

2016 Miss Greater Reading - Julia Rae Schlucter (Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen 2008)

2016 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Hallie Jacobs

2015 Miss Berks County - Morgann Henn

2015 Miss Greater Reading - Ninna Jenkins

2015 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Abigail White

2014 Miss Berks County - Holly Harrar

2014 Miss Greater Reading - Lauren Lombardo

2014 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Alysa Bainbridge (Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen 2016)

2013 Miss Berks County - Rebecca Potts

2013 Miss Greater Reading - Nola Juste
2013 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Sydne Lyons
2012 Miss Berks County - Lauren Lombardo
2012 Miss Greater Reading - Brittany Lewis (Miss Delaware 2014)
2012 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Victoria Deluhery
2011 Miss Greater Berks County - Bryn Harvey
2011 Miss Greater Reading - Jenna Schmalhofer
2011 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Kaitlyn Miller (Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen 2012)
2010 Miss Greater Berks County - Ryann Richardson

2010 Miss Greater Reading - Drea Chamberlain

2010 Miss Greater Reading's Outstanding Teen - Emily Melvin
2009 Miss Greater Berks County - Brittany Kuperavage
2008 Miss Greater Berks County - Brina Williams
2007 Miss Greater Berks County - Christina Keegan (Miss Nevada 2009)
2006 Miss Greater Berks County - Carmen Jewel Bloom
2005 Miss Greater Berks County - Brittny (Sparrow) Noecker
2004 Miss Berks County - Megan (Robinson) Fenderson
2003 Miss Berks County - Christianne (Knauer) Roll
2002 Miss Berks County - Melanie (Schlouch) Isett
2001 Miss Berks County - Ketty (Roman) Christian
2000 Miss Berks County - Coleen (Adam) Crills
1999 Miss Berks County - Kelly (Kuhns) Kobland
1998 Miss Berks County - Jesse Haas
1997 Miss Berks County - Janelle (White) Wolfe
1996 Miss Berks County - Deborah (Green) Butcher
1995 Miss Berks County - Staci (Clay-Lambros) Futrick
1994 Miss Berks County - Valerie (Schill) Harckless
1993 Miss Berks County - no program
1992 Miss Berks County - Susan E. Donnelly 
1991 Miss Berks County - Ellen F. Rissinger
1990 Miss Berks County - Michele Heck
1989 Miss Berks County - Louise Lutzt
1988 Miss Berks County - Elizabeth Manwiller
1987 Miss Berks County - Sally Ann Woodring
1986 Miss Berks County - Diane M. Young
1985 Miss Berks County - Cheryl Ann Bergen
1984 Miss Berks County - Kimberly E. Harvey
1983 Miss Berks County - Gina Fillipini
1965-1982 Unknown
1964 Miss Berks County - Karen Ann Coper
1963 Miss Berks County - Unknown
1962 Miss Berks County - Dac'e Gerlins
1961 Miss Berks County - Joann Troutman
1960 Miss Greater Reading - Priscilla Mae Hendricks (Miss Pennsylvania 1960)
1959 Miss Greater Reading - Gloria Jean Walters